Korean fashion model – Esom

Korean fashion model – Esom


Esom(Lee, So-yeong) is Korean actress and fashion model.

Her career is pretty much gorgeous!!



worked/works at

Elle, Vogue, W, Naylon, Allure, Marie Claire, Bazzar magazines,


model at

Ellie Kishimoto, Zishen, Goo-ho, Ja-in Song, Chunhee Ji,

Nina rich, Steve J & Yonny P, Thuy Diep ‘s fashion shows




she has really attractive face.




wow she is so pretty X)




I think she became popular after she acted in korean drama “Phantom”

with Ji-sub So, Daniel Choi, and Yeonhee Lee.

She was famous star in the drama. She was killed by ‘phantom’

because of the evidence of murder by phantom.

However, Phantom manipulated as she killed by herself.

and that was the beginning of everything.

and the conclusion of the drama, too.




looks like its her naked face without any makeups.

she is so cute :P



some other Esom’s pictures..


yuuzaa namim486  9616     paraostar



she has baby face i think :P

by the way she is 23 years old! could not imagine ever :s


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