Min Hyo-rin in young ages

 Min Hyo-rin in young ages

Min Hyo-rin, Korean actres, confessed about her plastic surgery before. 
she said that she did only eye - she made double eye-lids. 
However, she confessed that her nose is real.
Min Hyo-rin is famouse with her beautiful nose :)

lets see her pictures in her young ages.

she was still so pretty!!
can see her nose is natural from her birth :P 

some people says its so shocking...
but actually, she was so pretty in the young ages, too.

i dont think its about face,
but more about out-of-date style.. such as hair, makeup, and fashion.


hmmmm this pic is kinda bad..
she might gain weight at that time;; 


this was when she applied for superstar audition program.
well, i can see that her eyes are smaller, 
but still, she is really cute! and young :)


I think she is really pretty by the way.
good at acting, too :)


  1. Errr .. She had multiple surgeries including her nose and eyes...

  2. And not forgetting her jaws.

  3. her childhood pictures look photoshopped.

  4. no she only got double eyelids and laminated teeth, dunno about jaw but her nose is all natural

  5. I love you min hyo-rin ......... <3 <3 <3

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