'T-ara's controversy', what happened in korea?

Bullying new member "Hwayoung" in T-ara -
 Hwayoung came out from T-ara,
what 'T-ara's controversy' becomes in public opinion?

Recently it became hot issue that Hwayoung was getting bullied by the other members of T-ara. In result, Hwayoung got fired from her company, Core Contents Media (President: Kim, Kwang-soo).the biggest fan-cafe 'T-ara.Com' closed by itself, and new cafe was generated which is "we wants the truth from T-ara". Moreover, Mistic, which was another fan cafe of T-ara transpositioned there cafe as anti. Even more, netizens if Korean portal sites were getting together and making petition to make T-ara disorganize. 

 T-ara got to cancel their concert on 11th, August, and they got dismissed from every TV shows and commercials.

It was all because of bullying issue which is already a big issue in korean society. there were so many students who killed themselves because of being bullied. Bullying a member in their own group, T-ara was blamed through whole nations in Korea.

Flows of 'T-ara's controversy'

at first, all members started to blame Hwayoung because she did not come up to the stage due to her leg injury. All members except for Kyuri tweeted that Hwayoung was not determined enough. They mentioned as if she was determined, then there would be no problem for the stage. Also, they became sarcastic as Hwayoung fudged on her duty to be on stage.

Hyomin: It is all about determiation^^ Lets get fired with full of will!!!!!
Jiyeon: It is all about determination^^ with right thinking^^ always need to be humble^^ clap to genius of acting^^
Eunjung: As potition can make a person, determination can make too...
it is too bad. need to take care of people around.
Bo ram: Clap clap clap!
Spyeon: It is all about will+etiquette+consideration<3 lets cheer up today^^^^*

Following to these tweets, Hwayong and her twin sister tweeted also.
Hwayoung said,
"sometimes it is hard only with determination. in this kind of situations, i feel bad, but still i believe it is planned by God's good will. You know everything, god?"

and her twin sister Hyoyoung said,
"my sister is in trouble. i feel bad. no matter what they say, Ryu you can do it"

so this was the beginning about all T-ara's controversy.
Netizens found every proofs in TV programs that can anticipate real bullying situdation within T-ara. Within every talk-shows, variety shows, and so on, lot of members were laughing at Hwayoung and made fun of her with trivial gestures and activities.

Of course it could not be true because they are all circumstantioal evidence.
however, the CEO of Core Contents Media Gwangsoo Kim fired Hyayoung.

what is going on?
who is the real problem?
Maybe he only wanted to cover this issue quickly through getting Hwayoung out of T-ara. So he became against the weak, instead of defening her.
Officially, he announced that he fired Hwayoung because she acted unpredictably.

with all these incomprehensible situations, netizens were getting angry
and finally, T-ara announed their moratorium.

After their moratorium announcement, Hywyoung tweeted;
Dear fans, I am so sorry for making disappointment.
please stop this and i will be back with better person.
I am so sorry to everyone and also to Core Contents Media.
I will be advanced and muture next time. 

so it seemed as end of T-ara controversy.
Bullying issue is the one of the biggest and most sensitive issues in Korean society.
critics say that korean educational philosphy and circumstances are the problem. 
Korea need to figure out all these bullying troubles in the society.

Feel so bad at T-ara....

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