20,000 People Dancing Gangnam Style for “Race for the Cure”


As Gangnam Style by Psy is going crazy worldwide,
there are more and more people get involved in Gangnam Style.
On 23rd September, 2012, over 20,000 people danced ‘Gangnam Style’ in Milwaukee.
It was by whom participated “Race for the Cure” by Susan G Komen.


As you know, Susan G. Komen is one of the biggest community
making the biggest impact in the fight against breast cancer.

So, before this race starts, 20,000 people danced Gangnam Style altogether.
You can check it out below;





By the way, they annouced that Gangnam Style ranked the first in Billboard!
It is now rank 11 but will be updated soon, maybe friday night.
It is so amazing that Korean singer be the first in Billboard!
Psy beat up Maroon5!!!! whoa!!!

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