‘Answer me 1997’ greets Happy Korean Thanksgiving Day

Couple of Answer me 1997, who are Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji, greets Happy Korean Thanksgiving day. What a cute couple!!

FYI, Chuseok(추석) is Korean Thanksgiving day. It is also called Hangawi(한가위). It is one of the major holidays in korea (New year’s day and Korean Thanksgiving). The day is up to lunar calender, so it is all different in every single year. It is on 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. The day of Chuseok and two more days before and after that day are the national holidays.

What Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji are wearing is Korean traditional costume, which is Hanbok(한복). Some of Koreans wear this, but not all of them.

In Chuseok, people eat a lot of great foods. Because it is Thanksgiving, people eat a lot of fruits and any other harvest foods. One of the most representative food for Chuseok is Songpyeon, what they are carrying. Songpyeon(송편) is a rice cake made of glutinous rice. so it is sticky. It is sweet thing with sesame seeds, red bean paste, and chestnut past with honeys boiled together. MMMM~ looks yummy!

pictures from http://www.seoul.co.kr/news/newsView.php?id=20120928600004#


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