Daebak: which means ‘awesome’, ‘unbelievable’ or ‘ridiculous’

[kpop dictionary] Daebak


In korean music and korean dramas, they use ‘daebak’ in various ways. Even there was song name “Daebak-iya” by Daesung in BigBang. so, what does Daebak mean exactly?

In dictionary:

1. great(big) success
2. big hit, smash
3. hit the jackpot

Of course the word is still used as original meaning, however, it is more used as slang in Korean culture.

In real life:

1. awesome, great, gorgoeus, wonderful (original meaning)
2. unexpected, unbelievable (both in good and bad ways)
3. ridiculous
4. similar with “oh my god”

So, the word Daebak is actually used from the best thing to the worst thing variously.
When something is in extreme situation, when unexpected things happen, ‘Daebak’ goes into the sentences.


- When you got A even though you didn’t study at all
“Daebak! I got an A on math test!”

- when an actress lost 40lbs through diet.
“daebak.. did you hear that? How can that be possible?”

- when you find really good-looking icecream when you are really craving for
“daebak.. it looks so delicious!!”

- when you find out that you have a homework due in 1 hour
“hey, did you do your math homework? you know it’s due in an hour.”
“What? in an hour! daebak. I gotta go now. bye!”

so did you get how does ‘daebak’ mean? :P
let’s listen Daesung’s “Daebak-iya” for refreshment!
He is DAEBAK for real!! 

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