Gangnam Style everywhere in the world!

Gangnam Style by Psy is literally everywhere in the world!

From Youtube, it is being shared infinitely!

Even to hollywood, Gangnam Style is the trend.

It was on CNN, too!



Lets see some Hollywoods’ status.

i can see how Gangnam Style is the world trend!!





Henry Shun Jr in Glee






Scooter Braun






omg his status is so funny!







Roby Williams on his blog






Even Josh Groban








Jessica Alba








Vannessa Hudgens on her blog

Do you see that at the bottom?

“I am so amazingly obsessed. GANGNAM STYLE!!!! Yeahhhha”

lol Vannessa Hudgens!!



And even some trials of themselves!!




Mila Jovovich danced Gangnam Style when she was on Korean TV program!





Nelly Furtado during her concert!!






Britney Spears also Danced Gangnam Style with Psy on Ellen Show




When Psy was on VMA MTV, he danced with Gangnam Style with Kevin Hart together.


Btw, Dave Days played Gangnam Style with his own style lol

he’s cute





AND Mitt Romney Gangnam Style on Jay Leno!!



and some other kpop stars challenged Gangnam Style, too

BIGBANG”s Seungri’s trial 






Jay Park’s Trial

you can check it out from 0:40


Girls’ Generation (SNSD) on their concert

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