jjimjilbang & jjimjilbang culture : Korean public bathhouse

[kpop dictionary] jjimjilbang & jjimjilbang culture

Do you remember this place in Gangnam style music video?
What is this place?


This place is called jjimjilbang, which is public bathhouse.
It’s a multi-place where people can get steam massage in hot sauna,
where people can take a bath in large, various, and specialized bathtubs,
and where people can eat and sleep, too.
More differentiated jjimjilbangs have more, such as;
noraebang(karaoke), PC room(computer lab), game arcade, and etc.
This is the lobby of Jjimjilbang. And those lot of doors have all differentiated sauna.
In lobby, you can eat, sleep or rest.

Fashion in Jjimjilbang

lets talk about the fashion.
s you can see in the picture, everyone should wear same uniforms in jjimjilbang,
which is pretty funny :P
oh, men and women are wearing different colors!

if you are fan of korean drama, then you might see jjimjilbang a lot.
And also, you might see that cutie head towel, too.
Yes! That is just a TOWEL!
This fashion(?) is called Sheep-head.because it looks like a head of sheep.
If you get into jjimjilbang, you get uniform and also some towels.
and that funny sheep head towel became the fashion icon in jjimjibang. lol!
it is easy to make,also. lets take a look!

Victoria in F(x)’s Sheep-head towel :)

Foods in Jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang foods are not that special food, they are just korean menus.
However, they are just special because we eat in jjimjilbang.
Moreover, those foods are much better matched in jjimjilbang!
those foods are;

- Boild eggs / Baked eggs
- Sikhye : sweet rice juice
- Mi-yeok-gook : seaweed hot soup
- Nangmyeon : cold noodle soup
- Ramyeon


After you are done with saunas, then you can take a bath at public spa,
called Mokyoktang.
these are bathtubs!
they are all in different features, such as,
different temperature or different aroma or herbs.

Lot of Koreans go to jjimjilbang for various reasons;
to wash themselves, to enjoy with their friends, or to sleep.
Because Jjimjilbangs run for 24/7, many people go when they need places to sleep.
However, because there could be bad people in there,
you should be always careful if you plan to sleep in jjimjilbang.
But still, it deserves to experience at least once if you traveling in korea :)

Would you go jjimjilbang if you come to korea? :P

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