[kpop dictionary] What is Ajumma?

[kpop dictionary] What is Ajumma?

You might have heard the word ‘ajumma’ in kpop music vidoes or kdramas and so on. Ajumma[아줌마] means married woman in korean originally. These days, ‘ajumma’ also refers to woman old enough to get married. However, in cultural aspects, the word used to have negative connotations. Mostly, if you heard someone calling you ‘ajumma’, then you would not feel that good.

If you know japanese anime  either“Atashin’chi” or “Crayon Shin Chan”, you might catch the word easily. Moms in these animes represent ‘ajumma’ too.

Koreans say there are 3 genders: male, female and ajumma, which is totally a joke.
However, it means that ajummas are different from other ‘female’ anyway.


Ajumma usually:

- have short permed hair which looks like old-fashioned

- physically strong and tough, sometimes even to scary

- crazy at discount, genius at recycling and saving more money, like Scrooge

- talk a lot, really a lot, with large voice even to noisy


These negative connotations used to refer ajummas, however, these days, ajumma also means powerful and wise women. In Korea, it is called “Jumma-Power”. Because of those features of ajumma forementioned, they are repected as great people.


Ajumma also:

- they are wise, they concern more about practicality than good-looking

- they are brave

- they take care of many people and many things

- they are diligent, they always wake up early in the morning and do every houseworks, and never rest



tears..those are our moms :’)

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