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Becoming the most famous star worldwide these days, Psy says “oppan Gangnam Style” in his single album “Gangnam Style”. What does Oppa means exactly?




Oppa means older or elder brother literally in Korean, used by females. However, it means more than that. It not only refers brother in family, but also older male friends for general. So classmates, co-workers or any others can be oppa if they are older than you, but only in close relationships.


Hey, oppa, mom is calling you.
Oppa, do you wanna go date with me?



Also, fangirls call their favorite male singers oppa, too, even though they are not close directly. So oppa refers to general males who are older.


Oh my God! Psy oppa is so awesome!
Hey, did you hear that the movie is coming soon which Rain oppa is in?



So when males are talking with younger females, they sometimes use ‘oppa’ referring to themselves.


A: oppa, what are we going to eat tonight?
B: Maybe Pasta? Oppa will treat you today.


A; Oppa, which one would you like to drink?
B: Oppa would have caffe latte.


and in this way, we can get
Oppan Gangnam Style”, which means “Oppa is Gangnam style”.



FYI: more ‘oppa’ related song “Oppa, oppa” by Super Junior

There is one song”Oppa, oppa” by Donghae and Eunhyuk in Super Junior.
Such a fun song! You can listen it below:

by the way, this music video was made by Shindong! haha :D



FYI 2: Some other korean words

- Hyung: When males call older male

- Noona: When males call older female

- Unni: When females call older female

- Ajussi: married man

- Ajumma: married woman (more)

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