Sexy Love – T-ara (Dance version) MV

K-POP MUSIC NEWS/ Sexy Love – T-ara

Finally T-ara came back with “Sexy Love”.
Despite all controvery about Hwa-young, T-ara released newst album “Sexy Love”.
Core Contents Media (where T-ara is in) said that the music video of "Sexy Love" is prepared in three different versions, which are drama version as following version of "Day by Day", dance version with 'Robot Dance' featured, and making film. 

and here is the first one, dance version!


So far, almost songs of T-ara became popular with their unique dance motions and addictive melodies. And “Sexy Love” is not an exception. This time, ‘Robot Dance’ is the trademark. Also, “Sexy Love” has similar musical tone as "Roly-Poly”, “Lovey-Dovey” which are alll retro style, addictive and catchy. 

As also seen in the album photos, this song features both futuristic and also retro image.

So many netizens ask about T-ara's controversy;
"isn't it so early for them to come back? they need more time for self-reflection."
Even though there are lot of critiques saying T-ara came back too early,
their newest m/v "sexy love" was seen over 2 million times in less than 24 hrs!

by the way, 
there is no doubt they are awesome :P

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