“To the beautiful You”, new drama trends with Kpop stars in

These days, we can find many kpop idol stars in korean dramas. Now on the tv, the drama “To the beautiful You” is on. With Sulli and Minho starring in, this drama is a story about a girl who decided to go to boys’school. Goo Jae-hee (Sulli) lived in the US, but she decided to come to Korea and go to Jina boys’ physical education high school after a gold medalist high jump competitor Kang Tae-joon (Minho) got injured who she was inspired by. She wanted to help Tae-joon to jump again, indeed, so there the story begins. And yes, as always, they are in love to each other.

And this drama was issued from the beginning because of two main reasons.

First, Sulli of F(x) and Minho of (Shinee) stars in. Sulli and Minho are the members in one of the most famous kpop groups. Because they are  famous stars, and because they are “music-band”s members, people could not be curious about their acting.

Secondly, this drama has the original one which is Hanazakari no Kimitachi e(Hana Kimi as shortened), which is Japanese  drama and comic manga. With same story, but little different.


When Hana Kimi was on TV in Japan, this drama was issued because all of the actors in the drama were freaking handsome, as called “Flower boy”.

Korean version of ‘Hana Kimi’, ‘ To the beautiful you’ does not have as many actors as original one. The drama is focused on less charaters.


Goo Jae-hee (Sulli Choi): disguises herself as a male and goes to the boys’ school.

Kang Tae-joon (Minho Choi): a high jump gold medalist

Cha Eun-gyul(Hyunwoo Lee): soccer player, innocent boy who never been in love, but Jae-hee.


This three are the main charaters and here are others; not as many as original Hana Kimi.


If Hana Kimi was focused more on a lot of good-looking actors, To the beautifu you was not: instead, less actors, but super famous kpop idol stars.


Usually, korean dramas have been loved all over the world. Korean dramas are addictive because of its unrealistic story and super-good-looking actors and actresses. And as idol kpop stars are starring on, kdramas’ popularity is soaring. What do they have as differentiated elemnets?


To tell the truth, there are some people who do not kpop stars on dramas. Because, from the beginning, kpop stars are music bands, and they are supposed to be musician, not actors or actress. Some of netizens say the drama is going bad because of singers’ bad acting. However, though it is my own though, they are good at acting!! (Anyway Sulli was a actress from her childhood.) Even it was the first acting for Minho, he is so good. I was surprised at how they are good at it.


I am now talking about “To the beautiful you” especially, but anyway kpop idol stars are starring in the dramas more and more.Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji(A-Pink) were also kpop stars but they starred “Answer me 1997” recently. Kpop stars are not only ‘musicians’ anymore. And this might be begun from the drama ‘Dream High’.


The main characters of Dream High were almost kpop stars. Kpop stars Hahm Eun-jung(T-ara), Suji (Miss-A), Tacyeon(2PM), Woo-young(2PM), and IU in Dream High1. It was the sensation itself. Because this kind of drama was never been up on TV. Of course some of kpop stars were on TV, but neither they were main characters, nor there are so many kpop stars in altogether.


Dream High 1 was really famous; in korea, too. The drama broke the prejudice that kpop stars might not good at acting, they are just singers. Along the popularity of Dream High 1, Dream High 2 was also famous, too. Ji-yeon(T-ara), Jin-woon(2AM), Hyo-rin(SIsta), and JB(JJ Project) starred in this drama, also from famous kpop groups.


I think “To the beautiful you” shows about the new trend of dramas: kpop stars. Getting more and more famous, kpop stars are loved from the all over the world. If there were 10 for kdrama fans and 100 for kpop fans, because of kpop stars’ dramas, it might be possible that more kdrama fans would come up along the number of kpop fans.


Anyway, I like how kpop stars are in dramas. We already know they are good at singing and dancing. They are super handsome and pretty. And when I watch them in the dramas, they are so good at acting, too!!

You know, when you watch the dramas or movies, you might think the person as drama-characters no matter who they are in real. Because usually dramas make stars look cool and awesome, they look cool and awesome for real even after the dramas. You know what i mean, right? “Drama-Effect”.

Anyway, maybe ‘kpop stars’ won’t only mean muscians anymore, but maybe super-entertainment stars :P


(image sources: www.sbs.co.kr, www.kbs.co.kr, smtown facebook page)


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