What does ‘Hwaiting(Fighting)’ mean in Korean?


Usually in kpop songs and korean dramas, you might hear
either “Hwa-ee-ting” or “Fighting” a lot.

What does it mean in Korea?


“Hwaiting(Fighting)” is for encouragement.

Hwaiting is actually “Fighting” in korean pronunciation, same thing anyway.
It is a Konglish (wrong English expression used in Korea) word for encouragement.

It’s similar which “cheer up” in English.
It was derived from the verb ‘fight’ as you can see.
Usually in English, we say “Go and Fight!”,
but it is usually for the game, right?

However, when you say “Fighting” or “Hwaiting” in Korean,
it means variously from ‘cheer up’, ‘go’, ‘fight’, and more.
It also refers ‘you can do it’, ‘you will be good’ and so on.


Hwaiting(Fighting) Pose

And there are poses for this phrase.
As you might see on kpop stars’ pictures, or on dramas,
the phrase is said with one or two fists raised up, like below:


(T-ara Hyomin’s Figjhting pose on her twitter)

(Afterschool’s Uee and Girls’Generation’s Tiffany’s Fighting pose)

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