MBLAQ G.O so cute in Ailee’s I will show you MV!

MBLAQ G.O so cute in Ailee’s I will show you MV!


Who is Ailee?

Kpop rookie soloist Ailee, who debuted in this February, got famous through her great singing skills from her debut song ‘Heaven’. Through the TV program  ‘Immortal Song’, a program for singers to perform old pop songs into their own style, Ailee proved she is a real great singer to the people. And here comes her first mini album “Invitation”!


I will show you (보여줄게) – Ailee


The title song of ‘Invitation’ is “I will show you(보여줄게)”. This song is a disco rock with addictive melody. When released, the music video was issued because G.O in MBLAQ played in the mv with Ailee together, which was fun and comical.

The story of the mv is about the couple. Because Aille was so old-fashioned and looked as not girlish at all, G.O didn’t like her. However, Ailee was totally changed, and sings that ‘she will show’. Became so sexy and pretty, G.O was so surprised and his comical expression comes out.

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5

He was surprised after he saw Ailee got changed. He is so cute!



And he started to like Ailee so much. 




and it is Aillee’s success ;P

So funny and comical music video! Especially G.O is super cute in the mv. It really matches well with the song featuring disco rock. and of course, Ailee is sooooo good at singing!


You should listen for sure ;p



images: capture from the mv

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