AOA – Get Out: Rookie Kpop girl band AOA released 2nd album


Kpop rookie girl band AOA released their second new album ‘Wanna Be’ last week,
and the music video of its title song “Get out” has just released today!

Their new album includes 3 songs which are girly-emotional, and casual.
They are easy to listen, but harmonious with synthisizer and the other band instruments.

Title song “Get out” shows the love emotion in teen and twenties.
Especially, I liked how they dance and also play band together.
Usually, bands only play their instruments, and dance groups only dance.
But AOA, which are actual music band, also dance in their new song!
Especially, considering AOA is in FNC Entertainment, where FT Island and CNBLUE are also in,
it is pretty novel and fresh.

Also, the music video of “Get out” is interesting.
8 members of AOA shows 8 different famous movie characters.

AOA – Get Out

You can check the video here;



And I want to go through all 8 members in AOA.
I think they are the first real ‘music’ band which play instruments by themselves.
By the way, AOA refers to Ace of Angels.

8 members are:

Seol Hyun (Vocalist)

Is she Juliet of Romeo and Juliet? I cannot sure :s


Hye Jeong (Vocalist)

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

Cho A (Main vocalist, Guitar)

Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde!


Ji Min (Leader, Rap, Guitar)

I… have no idea what this chracter is :s


Yu Na (Vocalist, Keyboard)

Angelina Jollie in Tomb Raider

Chan Mi (Rap)

Emma Watson in Harry Potter


Min A (Rap, Bass Guitar)

Audrey Hapburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s


You Kyung (Drum)

Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element


Those are the ones of the most famous movies.
Even though I don’t understand why they features these characters in the music video,
but, it is pretty fresh anyway. haha

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