B1A4 promoted concert by themselves with cute animal costumes

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B1A4 promoted concert by themselves with cute animal costumes


kpop super rookie group B1A4 will have their first concert “1st Baba B1A4 Concert” in December 8th and 9th! And it was issued that the members of B1A4 promoted the concert by themselves with cute animal costumes. They costumed all different animals.


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Jinyoung updated on his Twitter with animal costumes, “B1A4 dolls!! Did you meet us today?^^”


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And Sandeul updated on his twitter as, “the student were mean who grabbed and pulled the tail of duck.. T^T”



They handed out their concert phamplet to students in Seoul. It was fresh that the members advertised their concert by themselves!


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The tickets went on sale on 15th, and 10minutes before the open, there were 25,000 people online for the tickets!


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