Epik High & Lee Hayi came back with “It’s Cold”

Epik High & Lee Hayi came back with “It’s Cold”


Epik High and Lee Hayi in YG Entertainment released their first song of new album. “It’s Cold” is not even title song, but people are already so into this song. Epik High’s originality is well shown in the song, and the voice of powerful vocalist Lee Hayi is so attractive.

Tablo updated his tweeter also as;

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

which say:

It is so thankful that you like “It’s cold” hot even though it is not a title song!
This is song for fans who miss old Epik High style. I missed you so much.
Please pay attention to 7th album on 19th October!!!

Is welcomed way too much… Thank you hundreds and thousand times!!! Those who like “It’s cold” (and those who don’t) Please count on our new album which will be released on 19th. We worked it on hard!!! #itswarmhere

(I like how he used twitter hashtag :P)


This album is the first one after Tablo, Miss Lajin and DJ Tukutz had new contract with YG Ent, where Psy of ‘Gangnam Style’ is in either. “It’s cold” is a song about a guy and a girl who cannot feel any more normal feeling because of their wounds from love. They are cold anyway because they are wounded. This song is written by Tablo and Choi Pil-gang, YG producer, and lyrics by Miss Lajin and Tablo. Being very emotional, this song makes feel lonely, cold, and impressive.

By the way, Lee Hayi is the second medalist of K-pop Star audition program in last season. She has powerful and very attractive voice. Because it was her debut (even though she featured), a lot of fans were expecting a lot, and I think she came up to their expectations.


You can check the song below;





It is also on iTunes,

Click the image and you will get to iTunes.


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