Kim Jang Hoon released on Dokdo Day(10/25)

Kim Jang Hoon <Nothing> released on Dokdo Day(10/25)

Kim Jang Hoon, well known as Korean pop artist, released his new album <Nothing>, today, which is Dokdo Day. (He was issued with bad news because of inaccordance with Psy last few weeks. Fortunately, thank they reconciled and got better two weeks ago :P)

On his Me2day (Korean Twitter-like site), he uploaded as,
"The reason that I reveal my new album on 25th is because of Dokdo Day! You were right."
"When I said I would not change even if SNSD reveals new album, someone asked about the reason, and i answered because it's Dokdo Day."
"I was feeling good if I would reveal on Dokdo day."

You can check out his new M/V <Nothing> below; it was issued because of its video techniques participattion of 3ALITY of 'Spiderman' and LOOK FX of 'Avartar' with cast of Parris Hilton.

And yes, October 25th, today is Dokdo Day. And you might know about Dokdo issue in between Korea and Japan. Korean and Japanese are fighting for decades because of the ownership of Dokdo Island (Takeshima Island in Japanese) which is located in the East Sea of Korea, in between Korean peninsula and Japan.

In the issue of Dokdo, many kpop stars are actually doing public promotion for the Korean nationality of Dokdo. And Kim Jang Hoon is one of the most famous kpop star who is devoted to patriotic action, such as campaigns, contributions or concerts with patriotic issues. Last August 15th, Korean Independence Day, Kim Jang Hoon succeed to swim across to Dokdo Island from Korean peninsular. In spite of worst weather and stormy voyage, with some other korean college students, he made it dramatically.

As he revealed his new album on Dokdo Day, people either can get more alerted about Dokdo issue, too.  This news will be spotlighted internationally, too, because it is right after he was spotlighted with the big hot issue with world star Psy. So <Nothing> by Kim Jang Hoon might be likely to promote Dokdo issue more globally, which can give lot of effect on internatiol relations between Korea and Japan, too.

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