Korean Slang dictionary : jjeon-da (쩐다) / jjeoreo (쩔어)

Korean Slang dictionary : jjeon-da (쩐다) / jjeoreo (쩔어)


In korean slang, there are words pronunciated “jjeon-da”, or “jjeo-reo”,
which is totally same thing, but in different suffix. So, what is jjeon-da?

It is korean slang word used in extreme situations.

It is pretty similar to Dae-bak(related post).


Here are some examples;

1. Awesome, cool, handsome, beautiful, any good thing

a. Hey, did you watch GD’s new music video? It’s awesome!
b. Of course! wanjeon jjeo-reo! (wanjeon 완전, very)


2. extremly negative

a. i didn’t study at all. I am the first page of the textbook. and my exam is tomorrow!
b. wow, you are just jjun-da. I bet there is none like you. (you are uncontrolable)

when someone’s room is extremely dirty, they you can say
”wow, your room jjeo-reo. Clean up!” (Your room went too far)

when you have way too much materials for your exam, you can either say
”My professor is crazy!! the amount of reading jjeo-reo!” (Reading materials are way too much)


  1. thank you! this cleared a lot up for me

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