Korean slang: kkap - Jo Kwon in 2AM is a.k.a. Kkap Kwon


What is kkap in korean?

If you are a fan of 2AM one of the famous kpop stars, then you might heard of Kkap Kwon refering to Jo Kwon in 2AM. As the leader of 2AM, which Kwon, Seul-Ong, Chang-min, and Jin-woon are in, Jo Kwon’s character is sticked to kkap, which is korean slang.



Kkap or ggap, or kkab, means who is so energetic that she or he is annoyting to others. It includes overdoing or overacting not only in dancing, and acting crazily, but also in talking, being funny, making jokes and etc. Generously, when one is doing something crossing over the ‘normal’ standard, and that makes other feel annoying, you can say “KKAP”.




if kkap is used as a verb, then you can use ‘chi-da’ as a suffix. It goes chi-da, chee-nae, chi-neun, chi-go, and so on. And as it is a slang, of course it has negative meaning for your information. Here are some examples;

- if a boy is making jokes in front of the class, and everyone is laughing,
the other one who hates him could say, “Kkap chee nae".

- when a boy is fighting against the other boy, and he was defeated overall. The winner would say “Kkap chee-jima (Don’t dare turn against me)”.


But in Jo kwon’s way, the slang kkap is used pretty much hilariously and funny.

- if one comedian is doing jokes by making fun of himself or being foolish by himself, he could be also “kkap chee neun” guy.


“Kkap” also includes when some is boasting oneself.

- if one is boasting about himself, and he could be heard “kkap chee ji ma (don’t)” by others.


But usually, it is well used among really close friends. When friends are joking and making fun of themselves, they use “kkap” a lot. As in English, if one talks about a non-sense thing, then close friends just say “shut up, you are just stupid haha!” “kkap” is also used like this.


and for more information: when one’s texting and want to say “kkap chee ji ma” (of course meaning ‘just shut up’ in friendly but slangly manner), he types as an image": 깝ㄴㄴ. ㄴ is one of korean alphabet pronunciated as ‘n’. And if you only typed ㄴ in a text, then it means ‘no’. So 깝ㄴㄴ means “Don’t kkap”. Pretty funny, right?




Jo Kwon in 2AM a.k.a. Kkap Kwon

Jo kwon is really “Kkap chyeo” but everyone loves him. Actually he brags himself a lot, and overacting a lot, but still, he is not that annoying but cute and funny! Even though kkap originally felt negative, Jo Kwon, by becoming Kkap Kwon, made the word more humorous and hilarious. He is SO FUNNY for real!! Let’s enjoy his latest album – I’m Da One below;



and yes.. he is DA ONE… haha

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