Lee Hyori's Vegetarian Diet

Lee Hyori's Vegetarian Diet

As well known vegetarian kpop star, Lee Hyori uploaded a picture of her own meal on her Twitter. It was her 'Brunch' according to her twitter message.

As always, when we notice about the diets of celebs, we cannot be not surprised. Her brunch was composed of red-bean rice cake and noodle soup, mushroom cuisine, and Kimchi. That exactly looks healthy. Maybe that was how she can be so fit! Amazing.. I don't think I can live with only those... However, it is true that every girls are interested in celeb's diet because they are truly idols.

As people are always interested in stars' diet, because of their glamorous and fit body, stars' diet and work-out methods are being issued a lot. Unlike in the states, there are few vegetarians in Korea. So some of vegetarians kpop stars got spotlight a lot. Lee Hyori and Lee Honey are the most prominent celebrities who declared they're vegetarians. 

Lee Honey, actress and Miss Korea for 2006, is also known as to be a vegetarian since 9 years ago. On TV program 'Lee Hyori's Social Club GOLDEN12', Lee Honey and Lee Hyori do vegan baking, which does not include any meats, butter, egg, milk and any other ingredients from animals. Lee Honey told that she became a vegetarian because of her brother, who could not digest protein at all from the birth. When her brother cried because he wanted to eat meats, she decided to become a vegetarian.

One of famous menu that Lee Hyori and Lee Honey enjoy is Bean meatloaf (could be bean meatballs also). It is just like a meatloaf, steak, but it does not include any meat in it. It is consisted of only beans. It tastes and feels almost same to meatloafs. Lee Hyori and Lee Honey enjoy this bean meatloaf whenever they are really craving for meats. Moreover, it has low calories and low fat! It would be so great for diet :)

By the way, Lee Hyori is also well known as pet lover. Her pets were also abandoned dogs but Lee Hyori adopted. She goes to care center for abused and abandoned animals regulary for volunteer service, hosts campaigns and often donates for those a lot. Lee Hyori is the most prominent kpop star who cares about the abused animals. That might be why she also takes the lead in being vegetarian. She said "I'm not against eating meat, but many animals are bred terribly because of the high demand. Also, to make those animals fatter, grains are used as livestock feed, even though there are so many people dying of starvation. I think it is wrong to eat too much meat. Therefore I want to devote myself to eat less meat."

Yes..I think that is so true... so many animals are abused and abandoned :'( I like how Lee Hyori is really passionate about animals :) 

so... should we all go for bean meatloaf..??!

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