Psy’s Free concert in Seoul streaming Live on Youtube!!

Gangnam Style’s Psy will have a free concert in Seoul, Korea.
It will be on Youtube, LIVE! It is planned on October 4th 10pm GMT,
about 5 hours from now.

From the beginning, Psy promised that if he got the 1st rank on Billboard Single Chart,
he would sing ‘Gangnam Style’ at the place where as many as people can gather easily,
without his t-shirts on.
He stays on 2nd rank because of ‘One More Night’ by Maroon5,
but anyway he planned free concert cooperated with Seoul city.

On CY x PSY Concert held on 2nd Oct.,
Psy annouced that he will have a free concert in Seoul plaza
which is in front of the City Hall of Seoul.
This free concert today is supposed to last for one and a half hour,
expected to have 40,000~50,000 people.



And this concert will be streamed LIVE on Youtube!!

Time to GANGNAM STYLE all over the world simultaneously!!

Be Ready, guys!!


it will be on Psy’s official Youtube channel which is


or you can also check through USTREAM Seoullive which is



gangnam style



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