Agencies' answer to Psy & Yoona affair

Agencies' answer to Psy & Yoona affair - nonsense!

Recently, it was reported that Psy and Yoona in SNSD have an affair by Hongkong's ifeng.com and some other Taiwanese press. According to the article, it says: Psy and Yoona met six months ago through their mutual friend. Psy got to know Yoona while helping other artist's album production. Triggered from there, Psy and Yoona started to have secret relationship. And Psy's wife kept all secret even though she already knew everything. Moreover, some reporters misreported as Yoona "avoided" to answer to this stupid rumor for they did not get any response when they asked her at Vivienne Westwood's fashion show.

Responding to this nonsensical rumor, the agencies of Psy and Yoona showed embarassement even to discomfortness. And both agencies of Psy and Yoona said there is no even need to answer for this stupid claim. They said, "it is so afraid. It is not even worth to talk about it. It is preposterous not even funny. It's not worth to take legal action. We are just going to ignore it." Also, Yoona's manager said that they did not hear such question ever in the fashion show. It is just ridiculous rumor.

haha such a stupid rumor ever i heard!
Korean media reported as Taiwanese reported such stupid rumor for being jealousto Kpop's popularity. It might be true :P They are super famous now!!!
Especially Psy is now world star, isn't he? He is still on rank no.2 in Billboard!! whoa
He is amazing for sure~

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