Dal Shabet's new song 'Hate, Don't hate' MV released!

Dal Shabet's new song 'Hate, Don't hate' MV released!

Kpop girl group Dal★Shabet released their new song recently. Their new song "Hate, Don't hate" is a disco genre song with bright and excting song. "Hate, Don't hate", the title of the song, is one of popular korean lingo that came out at GAG Concert (korean most famous comedy show).

Dal Shabet's new song <Hate, Don't hate> is now on the rank no.1 in kpop charts! With stirring beats and melody, the song is funny disco love song as confess girl's love toward the guy. It reminds of 80s or 90s pop culture within song itself, however, it is totally classy as much it goes up to the rank no.1.

As they released their new song, they also revealed their music video of the song. Interestingly, Dal Shabet revealed two different versions of music videos for their new song which are 'Hate' version and 'Don't hate' version - which is funny :P

So let's check both below:

* 'Hate' Version

First version of <Hate, Don't hate> is funny and exciting video which is pretty normal to other kpop singers' music videos. 

* 'Don't hate' Version 

On the other hand, 'Don't hate' version is pretty unique. It is not like as music video but more like (funny) documentary format. And as Dal Shabet plays like dolls in the video, it is pretty offbeat. They look cute anyway :P

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