Everything about Noraebang - Korean karaoke

Noraebang - Korean karaoke

You might heard of Noraebang, and you would have seen this kind of place a lot in any kpop music videos or kdramas. Noraebang, which is karaoke in Japanese, is singing room. People can sing with microphones along the accompanies of the machine. Noraebang is a famous place to hangout from elementary kids to adults. Noraebang is one of the must-visit course for kids and students for hangout, and colleagues at workplaces often go to noraebang altogether. It is one of the best place to get rid of stresses for koreans.

Did you watch the drama "Dream High 2"? The first picture above is the scene of Wooyoung in 2PM singing in Noraebang in the drama "Dream High2". There were many kpop singers in the drama such as Jiyeon(T-ara), Hyo-rin(Sistar), Wooyoung(2PM), IU, JJ Project as main characters. And in this drama, there was a scene of IU and Wooyoung enjoying Noraebang, who were cute couple together.

Noraebang Features:


You use microphone to sing. There are fully echoed speakers in the room, so you feel better about your singing in Noraebang than normally you do. lol!

TV for lyrics

As you can see in the picture, Noraebang has TV in each room. If you pick the song and start it, TV shows the lyrics. Sometimes, updated Noraebangs have music video of that singers or songs themselves too.


Tambourines are always prepared in Noraebang so that people can enjoy themselves. Some special noraebangs also have drum set, too. 


Noraebang has special lights in it. You can think of them of clubs. Colorful and dynamic lights automatically go on while songs are on. So you might feel Noraebang as small, private singing club.


And of course people drink in there, too. People usually drink beers with some snacks such as popcorns. Because of this alcohol-culture in the night, under-age cannot get in to Noraebang after 10pm without protectors.

The most popular songs to sing at Noraebang?

IU - Good Day

The most popular song to sing at norabang for girls is <Good Day> by IU. Because of the 3 octave notes in it, people try the most. Maybe people feel challenged to the song? :P

However, this is the worst song to listen for guys. They say <Good day> is just for IU, not other girls. lol

Yim Jae Bum - Confession

The most popular song to sing at noraebang for guys is <Confession> by Yim Jae Bum. This is one of the most challenging song with high notes. And also with beautiful lyrics which are about love, guys try the most in noraebang.

But also, this is the worst song to listen for girls. Girls hate when guys sing this song in noraebang. They hate the lyrics which are too much even to embarassment.


Noraebang is average 20,000 won per hour. If you are planning to visit Korea and try noraebang, remind this price not to pay much more :)

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