G-Drangon built an awesome resort pension for his parents :0


G-Drangon built an awesome resort pension for his parents :0

Did you check the resort pension that G-Dragon built for his parents? It’s AWESOME! Some pictures of the resort was released in the internet, and it was enough to get spotlight for sure.. Let’s look at it together!


The resort name is “Dolce Bita” and its homepage says “temporary”. So the resort is not ready yet perfectly, I think. Anyway, these photos are from the website of the pension.

The resort that G-Dragon built for his parents is placed in really secluded and tranquil area. It is seemed that it’s located in the midth of the mountain…?


anyway it has a lake right in front of it… It looks awesome enough from the view far away! isn’t it? The structure of the building itself looks gorgeous, too – unique and geomatric.



With grey walls, the resort pension looks really modern and simple. It is not like a wood cabin as other resort pensions usually are. It is reported as GD also participated in designing of the building! See how he is a real artist~



Awesome night view, too! It looks really great.

But the outer appearance is not everything.

See how it’s sophisticated :P



This is the list of each room names in the resort. It says “Heaven”, “Haru Haru”, “Blue”, “Tonight”, “Love Dust”, “Love Song”, “This Love” “Butterfly” and “Crayon”.

Did you get it??

Yes! They are all names of Big Bang’s songs! lol It is really humorous how GD used the song titles for the room names :D

And the greater things are the interior and its facilities.


The view is sooo great! You want to visit there, right?



It also has a swimming pool, but it looks much more gorgeous than other resorts’. hehe



Cafe in the resort



Spa bathtub in rooms



Antique barbeque place


And see how it is fashionable in each room too.



It looks really simple, modern and fashionable inside.



THIS IS SOOO ARTISTIC! SOOO GDRAGON! Isn’t it? Even though I am not sure whether GDragon likes <Happy Tears> or not, this room is so unique and artistic more with those cushions too.


Wow.. such an amazing resort pension! isn’t it? by the way, each rooms can accomodate mostly 2 people, but VIP for 4 people. Well, if you are a fan of Big Bang and planning to visit Korea, then you should consider staying in this GD’s artistic resort :P

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