Gangnam Style's Elevator Guy, Noh Hong Chul

Gangnam Style's Elevator Guy, Noh Hong Chul

Do you know the elevator guy in Psy's Gangnam Style MV? He is so famous now! In the music video of Gangnam Style by Kpop artist PSY, there is one guy who performed so-called 'dirty' dancing in the elevator. While Psy is lying down in the elevator, Noh Hong Chul is dancing above PSY opening his legs.
Also, it was reported as due to the fame of Gangnam Style', Noh Hong Chul received a casting request from overseas. But he ended up not going because of some issues such as communication. 

He is one of most famous comedian in korea. He has many nicknames, too, which are 'chump', 'a swindler', 'lucky guy', 'jjirong' and so on. He is kind of really funny and geeky. He always smiles and tries to be positive. He is also well-known as pretty fashionable comedian in Korea. He also has his own online clothing shop. The picture is from his shop.

Anyway I thought it was so nasty when he danced like that in Gangnam Style MV, but I think that was the point where his popularity began, internationally. haha! I could find a lot of comments toward this elevator guy in the internet, such as:
"Honor him, a true artist!"
"Best thread of the year"
"I LOVE the elevator man"
"The true star of the video"

oh, my, god... this is so funny lol

He is super famous... There is even a video of him alone, 10-minute-long!

There was 10-minute-long video clip of Noh Hong Chul, but many fans of him claimed that 10 minutes are not enough at all. So... here is the 10-hour-long one... wow... Now, it's his turn to be a world star :P

He sent a tweet and a photo to PSY through his twitter as,
"A-YO! Hyung(older bro), what just happened? They want my crotch so much. USA~ UK~ and even in Iraq! Even though I said no~ they say 'please' agiain and again~ and I say yes, with all my best."

OMG YES, that DANCE! He is truly hilarious!! So he danced with one foreigner in the elevator? Haha!

Anyway to Noh Hong Chul's tweet, PSY replied as,
"Many people ask me what kind of person Elevator guy is. So I answered as crzay man and they liked it." 

Yes.. I agree that Noh Hong Chul is truly a crazy guy. hehe

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