[korean slang] "Hul" in Korean

[kpop slang dictionary] Hul in Korean

You might hear 'HUL' sounds like her or hearl in many kpop contents. "Hul" is korean slang used in various situations, such as embarassing, stupid or nonsensical situations, similar to 'omg(oh my god)', 'wtf(what the f***)', argh, ack and etc. 

You write as

in korean.

Here is a good video for Hul expression!
This video is kpop rookie boy group Boyfriend's korean lecture video.

Boyfriend's korean lecture video - expression of 'hul'

Boyfriend describes 'hul' with some situations below:

Situation 1: When someone said that your girlfriend was kissing other guy, you might be so frightened. then you can say "hul!"

Situation 2: When got to know that what you eat was for dogs, not for human. Then you would be so embarassed and frightened! You might want to say 'f***', then you can also say "hul!"

Situation 3: When someone is coming out to you, as gay or lesbian, despite you are not gay or lesbian, you might get stunned, and you can say "hul!!!!!"

More situations for your understanding "hul".

ex. When you saw the article that unexpected two kpop stars came out that they are going out together, you can say, "what?! Goo Hara and Yong Junhyeong are going out??!!! Hul....."

ex. when someone is really boosting oneself and doing nonsensical thing, you might say "hul... why does he do that?"

ex. when you heard of really stupid things happend from your friend: such as, your friend told that she was derided by some mean girls without any reasons, then you can say "hul.. what the f*** they are.. they are so mean."

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  1. hul doesnt sound like "her", it sounds like "hull" or "hall".