Kpop group SPICA released with their sexy charisma

Kpop group SPICA released <LONELY> with their sexy charisma

Kpop rookie girl group SPICA released their second new mini album "LONELY". SPICA was spotlighted with their sexy but charismatic aura from their debut with 'Russian Roulette'. And their second album <Lonely> also shows well their sexy charisma.You can check its music video below:


They look super sexy! With their opened long velvet skirts, and only shirts on it, they look super sexier than before and more girlish. Through the album photo released before, there is no doubt how people could expect a lot to SPICA's new album. Moreover, their teaser video was ranked 1st in Melon Music Video 'HOT100"! Cool!

Especially, <LONELY> was produced Sweetune who was in charge of <Russian Roulette>, too. <Lonely> is a story of a girl missing ex-lover while walking on the street they walked together. As the bridge lyrics say "lonely again, going there unconciously, I cannot handle my body. There is everything I want even to die."

Moreover, SPICA is well known as singer-songwriters also. All members participated as songwriters in the album.  

From their debut, they were reputed as they were not like rookies - sexy maturedness. Sexy but charismatic SPICA debuted with Russian Roulette, which was soooo hot from the beginning. The song <Russian Roulette> is a little bit of exotic song - not like kpop, but more like Western American with catchy melody. Let's talk after watch the music video.

Russian Roulette

See how they were charismatic and professional. Especially, as the title of the song is 'Russian' Roulette, each members are really like russian girls, as sexy, too. It doesn't match those sexy girls are songwriter by themselves, too, is it? :P


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