Lee Seung Gi came back with his new song !

Lee Seung Gi came back with his new song <Return>!

Lee Seung Gi, kpop ballad singer, came back with his 5.5th mini album <Forest>. He is well known as the prince of ballad with his sweet voice! And his new song is so good, too :) Moreover, Lee Seung Gi produced this album with Epitone Project who is really famous with their indie music.


The music video of its title song <Return> has relaed, so you can check it below:

The m/v of <Return> is such like a little drama! With beautiful lyrics, singing about love, this short drama shows the feeling of missing the old days.  He is recollecting his old days in school, loving a girl (Kim Yoo Jung). Very warmful and healing melodies :)

Moreover, it is reported as Lee Seung Gi released his new mini album with his photo essay together. He looked for great places from all over Korea where match with the song so that the album is released as a format of photo album. See how the album so matches with these days - winter :)

FYI: Lee Seung Gi will have a concert in December 1st~2nd!

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