Popular Korean Street Food that you must try


Popular Korean Street Food that you must try

If you are planning to visit Korea, than you might be want to try some korean foods for sure. You might want to try some traditional korean cuisines, but also, you must try Korean street food, as all the other do in all over the country. In the states, we usually get some hot dogs or french fries from street food carts. In korea, they have their own cuisines which are only for ‘streets’. The quality of food itself might not that healthy, but anyway it tastes good. Some kpop stars even got spotlighted when they are eating street food, too. Yes, so they do some normal things too. haha!!



Kpop boy group Boyfriend enjoying some street food in their stage costumes
Red thing they are eating is ttukbbokki and brown thing is soondae.



Jang Dong-gun and Kim Jong-min waiting for their order of street food



Jang Geun Suk enjoying eomuk



Kpop girl group Secret enjoying street food
you see the same red thing and brown thing? They are da best combi in the street cart! I will let you know in the below.

So, celebs, kpop stars also love korean street fooood :D
Let’s look around specifically!




In korean, the cart for street food is called Pojangmacha, which means cart either. And those foods are called Bunsik. So this orange thing is Pojangmacha. In summer or in decent weather, one side is opened, but in winter it is closed so that people have to open the orange curtain to get in.

So, let’s look around some popular menus!



Ttukbbokki (떡볶이)

This is cuisine of long sliced rice cakes with spicy sauce. Not as spicy as unable to eat, but there are some super-spicy ones, too. Anyway this is one of the most favorite food of Koreans.



Eomuk (어묵) or Odeng (오뎅)

Did you get that this is the same thing as Jang Geun Suk was eating in the picture above? This is called Eomuk or Odeng which is type of seafood rice cake – fish fleshes combined with some other stuffs mixed together into a form of hot bar. And as you can see the crab in the broth, the broth also tastes good. People usually get Eomuk with the broth in the paper cup together. They are especially popular in winter thou.



Kkochi (꼬치)

Rather than eomuk bar, there are many other kinds of bars, too. Kkochi, which means bar, is usually baked or fried cuisines. So the name of kkochi can be suffix up to the main ingredients, such as, Sausage kkochi, Eomuk kkochi, chicken kkochi, ttuk kkochi and so on.



Twigim (튀김)

Twigim means fried cuisines by itself. As you can see in the picture, there are also various kinds of twigim food, such as shrimp, pepper, squeeze and so on. They are all good in tastes. Just don’t forget to get freshly-fried one!



Soondae (순대)

Soondae is a dish of intestines of cow or pigs boiled or steamed with other ingredients such as noodles (rounde one). So it is kind of blood sausage – sounds weird even to disgusting – but it tastes good. And the flat ones are liver of pigs or cows. It is called Soondae-gaan, which gaan means liver, and it is pretty dry. If you don’t like chicken breast how they are stuffy in your mouth, than you might not like the liver part. Anyway it still sounds disgusting in the letters, but you’d better try it! Especially it tastes better with ttukbbokki sauce together. They are best harmony in the street cart – as you can see in the pictures of Boyfriend and Secret eating above.



Boong-eo-bbang (붕어빵)

This is kind of hot bread with sweet red beans in it - maybe for dessert. And it is only available in winter.


So these are the list of you must try when you visit Korea! You would easily find the cart on crowded streets whereever in korea such as Gangnam dae-ro :P


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