Wonder Girls' Sunye revealed her fiance James Park

Wonder Girls' Sunye revealed her fiance James Park

2days ago, the leader of Wonder Girls, Sunye, announced that she will marry in coming January. And she revealed her fiance, James Park!  

James Park, who is known as missionary, is Korean-Canadian. He has never been to Korea yet.  

And it was surprising how her fiance was so cool! X)
He truly looks good! and it was reported that he likes hockey and football, too.

People say that 'he deserves to marry with Sunye',
'they look good together', 'he seems kind' and etc...

Otherwise, one korean tv program visited his house in canada! and interviewed Sunye's prospective father-in-law.

He said that Sunye is kind, humble, pretty and winning. :P Like how her new family will go well together~

PS. Did you check Jo Kwon's Twitter toward Sunye's wedding march?

Jo Kwon is really sweet X')
You know they are super best friend from their younger ages. Jo Kwon tweeted saying:
My precious childhood friend of 12 years, Sunye is getting married!! It’s quite an unusual feeling…though I still can’t believe it but I’m probably going to cry a river at the wedding ceremony…should I sing ‘I Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die’ on your wedding? Heehee I hope all of you will give send Sunye your blessings and support her so she can be happy ^^

and later he tweeted more sweet one again saying: 

I’ve spent almost half of my life together with this friend, we supported each other when each of us were having a hard time, we trusted each other and we prayed for each other. We took this rough road at such a young age, we won over the long period of time, we fulfilled our dreams, and now we’re happily standing on each of our positions and for that, I thank you Sunye-ah. We’re still young so when you’re happy or you’re having a hard time, I’ll forever be that friend who’ll listen to your problems.

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