B1A4 - the meaning of the name?

B1A4 - the meaning of the name?

 B1A4 is one of the kpop rookie boy group. I am not sure about every kpop groups, but some of them have meaning in their name. I found B1A4 has amazing meaning in their name, too! It is "Be the One, All for One". And also their name B1A4 was relevant to members' blood types. one is B type, and four others are A type. 

One of their most famous song!

Baby Good Night - B1A4


Tried to Walk - B1A4

and recently, this one is good, too!

Bonus..... I just found hilarious thing in Korean News. Well, it is true that B1A4 is not as famous as SNSD or SHINee, but... this is kind of lame lol

One reporter mistyped B1A4 as A1B4! I first thought who is A1B4? Are they family of B1A4? But the picture was Baro of B1A4. oh my god! this is sad but funny also.. lol

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