B2ST Yang Yoseop - Caffeine M/V

B2ST Yang Yoseop - Caffeine M/V

Yang Yoseop, a member of kpop star B2ST, debutted solo recently. The song named <Caffeine> is his first solo, with the story of ex-lover. Because she is like caffeine, he cannot go to sleep, and his heart beats harshly because of her.

Magical but romantic modern feeling of music video, the song is deeply emotional. The more thing is that this song is made by Yong Joon Hyung, the other member of BEAST. He wrote this song with lyrics, and was in charge of producing and rap featuring. I like this music video how Yoseob dances. His dance performance is a wire dance. And as you can see in the video, the props in the video are all unique, too. It feels like antique.

BEAST Yang Yoseob - Caffeine Music Video

By the way, it was curious how Yoseob would change the wire dance in tv live show. But he did great poppin dance! you can check his video in Inkigayo live show.

SBS Inkigayo - Caffeine (Yang Yo seob)

I am just wonder how he is so charismatic with that cute face! And yes, this song is really addictive just like caffeine.

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