Comparison of Kpop Boy Groups’ average height


How much do you care about boy groups’ height?
Of course, the taller the better? :P
I agree that taller looks better in their outfit and overall appearance! teehee

Anyway, here is a comparison of boy groups’ average height. It is in centimeter.

175cm = 5.7 ft
177cm = 5.8 ft
180cm = 5.9 ft
183cm = 6.0 ft
186cm = 6.1 ft

And as you can eaily compare, there are colors in each bars, which shows the standard;
Red – Dwarves,
Orange – Short,
Yellow – Average,
Green – Tall,
Blue – Giant

But, remember this standard is in Asians’. I know caucaisans average is much higher than this. Anyway all kpop boy groups heights are here, so you can compare :P

p.s. I was surprised at that 2PM’s average height is lower than 2AM’s! To tell the truth, I was surprised at how kpop stars are all so short T^T They look much taller in tv.

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  1. This is probably because most of them wear shoes with very big soles!