Korean cuisine – Bibimbap recipe


korean cuisine – bibimbap recipe

Moon Geunyoung, Korean actress is eating bibimbap in the picture. Have you ever seen this kind of scenes in kdramas? The picture above is a capture of the drama ‘Mary is out at night’ which was featured by Moon Geunyoung and Jang Geunseok.

Mary-Stayed-Out-All-Night korean drama

As you can see in the picture, if you are fan of korean drama, you might see a bunch of scenes that actors (usually actresses) are eating ‘Bibimbap’ (that Geunyoung is eating in the pic) at night alone in the kitchen. Yes – Bibimbap is one of the favorite(or main) Korean cuisine. Let’s explore what this is :P


Bibimbap (비빔밥)

One of the representative korean dish, Bibimbap  literally means ‘mixed(bibim) + rice(bap)’. It is composed of a bowl white rice, seasoned vegetables(spinach, lettuce, bean sprouts, bracken and etc up to cooks’ preferences), and egg or bulgogi beef with Gochujang sauce.

The reason that so many kdramas show actresses eating bibimbap at night alone is that it is one of cliches. Because bibimbap is fast and easy to cook, many hungry people at night enjoys. Also, as bibimbap is almost composed of healthy vegetables and proteins and having low calorie as 500~600 kcal per serving, this is the favorite dish for females who want to be not fat by eating at night.


- photo of Kim Gyuree eating bibimbap uploaded at her Twitter by herself lol


Recipe – how to cook bibimbap?

I said that people enjoy bibimbap because it is easy to cook, but not exactly. I will describe it from now on.

Firstly, as I mentioned the ingredients of bibimbap above,
you need to prepare:


some your preferable veggies

- spinach (parboiled)

- bean sprouts (parboiled or/and seasoned)

- lettuce (cabbage or romain is fine, too)

- bracken (parboiled or/and seasoned)

- or else what you like

beef or egg (choose one or both)

- bulgogi (grilled beef)

- egg (fried or raw)

Gochujang (korean fermented chili sauce)

Then, you mix up everything together and eat!


The important thing in cooking bibimbap is the ingredients. Usually, korean eat those spinach, bean sprouts and some others as everyday side dishes. So, people always have those prepared ingredients in their friger. However, if you are not korean, then you might so new to everything, and have to preapre every single thing.


And this is the most important thing – Gochujang (고추장)!


It is a korean fermented chili sauce. It somewhat looks like ketchup, but tastes totally different. This is super spicy sauce, but super delicious, too :P People put this sauce in every dishes…lol Korean loves hot and spicy cuisines generally.

Anyway, Gochujang is hard to make by oneself, but you can easily buy in the market (also in korean market in the states).  You add this sauce on your bibimbap, but only the amount of 1/2 tablespoon or less. Bibimbap should be spicy, but not hot even to die :P


Hope you enjoy Bibimbap one day :D

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