SECRET got a car accident after released new song TALK THAT

SECRET got a car accident after released new song TALK THAT

One of the top kpop groups Secret got a car accident today! They just released new single album which is TALK THAT. Just after they began their new schedule for new song Talk That, they got a car accident while coming back to their home at 2am on 11th. Their car just slided on the icy roads and crashed into the ralling of the right side of the roads. 

And it was reported that Zinger got injured with broken ribs and bruised lungs. And as Jeon Hyosung also had injured her knees in the past, her body got more shocked by this car accident. Other members, Hyosung, Jieun and Sunhwa only got light bruises and had returned to their home fortunately. 

So their agency TS Entertainment announced that Secret decided to cancle every schedule until 27th for now, waiting for full recovery of members. And it could be lasted up to members' health.

By the way, the song Talk That was produced by Sinsadong Horangee, who also produced Trouble Maker(Hyuna and Jang Hyun Seung), Shock (B2ST), Hot Issue(4Minute), Rolly Polly(T-ara) and so many other popular songs. However, this song is little diffrent from former Secret's songs. While Secret used to dance powerfully, they got 12 'shadow' dancers in their new song. Similar to musical, their new song is emotional but sexy and chic. You should more focus on their each voices!

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