SNSD YoonA & Hyoyeon’s ‘I Curry Boy' should be tried once!


SNSD YoonA & Hyoyeon’s ‘I Curry Boy' should be tried once!

One of the famous Korean TV program, ‘Happy Together 3’ has corners for invited stars to introduce their own recipies. And there were SNSD members last night! YoonA and Hyoyeon became a team together and introduced ‘I Curry Boy’ (?). Weird name, haha!
Kimbap and curry is totally different dish. They are not even sold in same restaurant. Curry is Indian food and Kimbap is Korean street food. I cannot imagine how they can be harmonious, but YoonA and Hyoyeon said it’s pretty good together.

YoonA said, “I went to kitchen to eat, and there were kimbap, curry, but no rice to mix up with curry powder. So I tried Kimbap with curry, and it was good.” So that was the beginning of this weird ‘I curry boy’. And they sang ‘I Curry Boy’ into their new song <I Got a boy>, as I curry boy mutjin instead of I got a boy mutjin. And that was the beginning of the name of this recipe :P

Recipe for I Curry Boy

You need Kimbap, Curry powder, water, garlic and olive oil.

Put some oil on your fan and stir sliced garlic.

Put chopped or broken kimbap and stir with garlic together.

And that’s all.
hmmm looks yummy..

Every other people gave great reviews on I Curry Boy, and it got the best choice overall last night. So it was recorded as the 20th menu of ‘Happy Together’. I thought it was really weird and I cannot even imagine what kind of taste would it be, but… I kind of want to try once hehe Because it was recommeneded by YoonA and Hyoyeon!! You should try once, too :)

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