B.A.P - One Shot M/V produced with 1billion won

B.A.P - One Shot M/V produced with 1billion won

kpop boy band B.A.P released their 1billion won music video. It is about 9billion dolloars! Whoa! Every kpop fans, you should be watch this for sure. This is such a high-quality music video. It deserves 1billion won. you can check it below:

One Shot - B.A.P

 With powerful music and choreography, they show their own style song again. Their new album <Rain Sound> was released with 5 songs which are hip-hop genre. And the title song <one shot> got spotlight because it was made with 1 billion one (around 9billion USD). The music video is such like a hollywood movie. THe movie was made in Phillipines and Manilla. Every members in BAP were so good at acting in the video also.


Young Jae

Dae Hyun

Him CHan

Bang Yong Guk

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