Happy Lunar New Year! or Happy Korean New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! or Happy Korean New Year!

(B2ST wearing korean traditional costumes and greeting lunar new year)

Last 9th to 11th of Freburary were Korean Lunar new year's vacation. Lunar new year is called 'Seol-Nal' in korean. It is also known as Chinese new year. Usually in Asian countries, family gathers, eat and have time together. You might see some bunch of food photos of hugh family photos recently on facebook or twitter from your asian friends. New year's day is January first, but some asian countries count lunar new year's day, too. And it becomes always different days according to lunar calendar, which is different from what we use. So Lunar new year's day would be in from the late January to late Februrary. It was Feb 10th this year.
(Park Seojin in Dream High2 bowing)

In Korean lunar new year, people wear korean traditional costumes, as you can see from B2ST's picture above and Seojin's above. 

Girls' costumes like Lizzy's. Lizzy greeting lunar new year with bowing and... dancing? lol so cute!

Then, how do you say 'Happy new year!' in korean? Let's learn!

 It is read as 'sae - hae - bok - mani - ba-du-se-yo-'. To be exact, it means, good luck in new year.


  1. thanks for sharing

    Happy Korean New Year to every Korean

    It feels great when anyone respects its own culture

    K-pop Idols

    1. Yes, that is true :)
      And respecting korean culture gives more special meaning to me as kpop fan!