[Dream Girl - SHINee] SHINee is back!!

SHINee is back!! One of the most popular kpop group, one of the originals, Shinee is back with their new album <Dream Girl>. They will have live showcase worldwide through online and mobile phones. The show will start in 2 hours!! It starts from 8pm UTC (so that might be 6am EST...?). YOu can enjoy through NAVER Live Streaming. Link: http://music.naver.com/promotion/specialContent.nhn?articleId=3672

Beforehand, let's check their music video..!!

<Dream Girl - SHINee>

Their music video is so artisticand unique!! I love it. It's like a piece of pop-media art. Their choreography was produced by Tony Testa, one of the great choreofrapher in the world.. Can't imagine how kpop is going so much expertised. By the way, that unique standing microphones were specailly produced for Shinee's Dream Girl. It weighs 4kg and its height is 1.3m. wow..

And lets enjoy some of their teaser photos from official smtown website below;


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