INFINITE 'Man In Love' Teaser videos

INFINTE is coming back soon, really soon. As Infinite released teasers of their new album, they relased one teaser video a day named as D-x. This teaser series started from D-7, Sungjong's version. And today they released D-3, Hoya's version. Let's look around!

D-7 Sungjong's Version

The first teaser video series of their new song <Man in Love> started from Sungjong's version. Sungjong is playing with a cute kitten in the video. The mood seems like bright and romantic, I guess. He looks happy, and fell in love!

 D-6 DongWoo's Version

Dongwoo was cleaning his room(?) and he found a .. secret diary, it seems. It says, "Don't you like younger guy?" and "Is he good to you?" It seems like he would gonna coming out to a girl that he likes XD

D-5 Woohyun's Version

Woohyun is playing the piano and singing together :P

D-4 Sungyeol's Version

Sungyeol is cooking!! Wow so romantic :)

D-3 Hoya's Version

Hoya is looking for a gift for the girl now~

What would be the next story?? So excited for their new song! It might be a lovely song which matches well with this lovely weather these spring days :-)

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