[Kpop Dictionary] What is White Day[3/14]?

[Kpop Dictionary] What is White Day[3/14]?

You might see some bunch of photos of candies last week from twitter or blogs or whatever of kpop stars'. It was because White day! In western countries, we only celebrate Valentine's day, but in South korea and Japan, as I know, people celebrate White day on March 14th. 

Similar to Valentine's Day, in Korea, people celebrate White day on March 14th. It is one month right after the Valentine's Day (2/14). In korea, usually, girls give chocolate to guys on Valentine's day. However, on White Day, guys give candies to girls back. 

CNBLUE's White Day Candies for fans♥

CNBlue, one of my favorite kpop boy band, also updated their twitter with sweet photos! YongHwa, the leader of CNBLUE, twitted "Hello, everyone, this is Yong-hwa! We prepared for you. How's it? hehe We hope you make great White day today! And please support CNBLUE's World tour, too! Thank you!" with 4 pictures of each member of cnblue.

Yong-hwa made a word 'BOICE<3' with candies! (in korean, thou)
As you know, Boice is the name of the cafe of cnblue's fans.
That is trully so sweet :)


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