Lee Hi's new song - It's Over

Lee Hi's new song - It's Over

Lee Hi, top 2 from K-pop Star2 (korean got-talented program), came back with her second new song, "It's Over" and her first album <First Love>. She got highligted as being such great rookie singer in k-pop. After she won 2nd prize at kpop star 2, every songs of her became hot-issued. The first formal song that she worked on was <It's Cold> by Epik High by featuring. Even though she featured on vocals, the song could be on rank no.1, of course not only because her vocal was awesome and so attractive, but because Epik High is basically one of the greatest kpop singers.

After the first song she featured, she debutted with <1,2,3,4>. This song ranked no.1 for such a long time, like several weeks. It is noticeable that she became the top just after she debutted as solo singer. It was punky but really exciting song. It also well matched with Hi's husky voice.

And here comes her first Debut album, <First Love>. With high quality of songs, her new album consists of rhythmical blues and jazz songs. Her new album is highly expected because of its process of production. The songs in the album were made by best songwriters in korea, such as Tablo in Epik High (singer-song writer), Teddy (known as the best in kpop music composition) and etc.

One of the noticeable things in her album is how 'Lee Hi' is well described in her album. Lee Hi is such a young singer and she is different from other kpop idol bands. While there are so many kpop bands in young ages a lot, they compete in the world with their teamwork and they are all have their own roles in the group. However, Lee Hi is responsible for every parts, (or no parts but singing), as solo. She is young, really young, but she is so powerful, both in her voice and in her leverage in the kpop world. Maybe it is becasue of her powerful husky voice which seems reversal image to her. That could be the reason that Lee Hi can be so poerful in kpop world for now. Why I think her new album <First Love> describes 'Lee Hi' herself so well is that it is so childish and colorful album in her husky voice. 'husky voices' usually come out with powerful, chic, charismatic, and soulful images together. Lee Hi's voice was also powerful and soulful in her first participation in Kpop Star2. However, from <1,2,3,4> to <First Love>, the songs show also punky, childish and colorful images mingled with her voice. I think that is how she can be so powerful and attractive, so well-made songs :)

Let's listen to her new song - It's Over.

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