NS Yoon-G wants to gain 6.6lb

NS Yoon-G wants to gain 6.6lb?!

well, even though every woman in this earth wants to lose their weight, NS Yoon-G said that she wants to gain weight. She said that she had never been on diet for her whole life!! wow..

According to her profile, she is 170cm and 46kg, which is 5.58ft and 101.4lb. This.. doesn't make sense... is that a human?! I knew that she was super skinny, but the numbers are just unbelivable. Isn't that too skinny? It might not good for her health :/

But maybe it is understandable, because she was ballerina before. Maybe that light weight is pre-requisite to do ballet.

On the day of recording Korean TV program <Singles2>, Clara requested NS YoonG to weigh right there, and the scale went up to 110lb, which was still super skinny. YoonG said that she was not that pretty when she was 101lb. She also said that she never gain weight although she eats a lot. wow, so jeolous!


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