JYJ Concert 2013 in Tokyo Dome

JYJ Concert 2013 - <The Returm of JYJ> in Tokyo Dome

JYJ is coming back from 3-year-recession! They will have a concert in Tokyo Dome tonight. As JYJ was on the court with a Japanese performance company, they could not have a concert for 3 years. As they won the case, it's been such a long time to having a concert again in Japan. Even though they could not be active in Japan, their popularity is still so high. Whole 150,000 seats were sold out, and behind that, there were over 300,000 people who tried to buy tickets. Even though they are korean singers, it is interesting how they are so popular in Japan, too!  

JYJ is having a 3-day concert which started from yesterday. More amazing thing is that even though they are having their concert on weekdays, all tickets are sold. They are super-duper kpop stars for sure! For fans who could not buy tickets, they decided to broadcast JYJ's concert through some theatres in Japan. It is told that they will broadcast in 113 theatres nationwide.

One of the biggest entertainment company Kyoto Yokohaha said that JYJ's stages are comparable to Michael Jackson! Wow... Their choreography is expected to be even better. JYJ sings 26 songs live at the concert, which is pretty rare, also. I feel so curious about their concert..! I wish I could fly to Japan, right now.

One more thing is that Park Yoo Chun would release his new single album! He wrote the song by himself, which is more meaningful. He would show his new song in the concert. As you know, Park Yoo Chun was acting on a drama just few months ago. He was main character of kdrama 'I Miss You' as an investigator to find his lover who were kidnapped. And mybe right after he finished his drama, he is having a concert, with his new single album!? How unbelievable he is! And he said, "I′ll be meeting Japanese fans at the Dome for the first time in a while, We′ve hit on many difficulties during the long wait, but we′ve come to meet again, smiling, in the end, and I wanted to give my song as a present to express my hopes toward our new start. I wrote the lyrics and melody with emotions that come with the new season." :) How sweet!

Anyway, I might satisfy with their Youtube Channel way far from Tokyo.. Did you see this? Happy Valentine's Day from JYJ! As they were also actors in kdrama, they pretend to be those character and sending video letter to fans. Super cute! you gotta be check this;

photo credits: C-JeS Ent. JYJ Official Facebook

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