Lee Hyori - Comeback Teaser

Lee Hyori - Comeback Teaser

Lee Hyori, one of the original kpop star, is ready to comeback! Her last album was released in 2010, so it has been 3 years! Her teaser videos for new album were released. It is interesting that she actually released 5 different version of teasers. And these videos all have different auras of Lee Hyori. So excited to waif for her new song!

Can you feel how its all different and so attractive? She is like Madonna in Kpop, or Lady Gaga. The sexiest original kpop star. I love her much more than any other kpop idol groups to tell the truth. oh well, she WAS one of idol group, by the way. She was a member of Pinkle, the very first kpop idol group! whoa! and now she is a sexiest diva ever :)


The first teaser, names 'ready' shows her sexiness(?). She is wearing a lingerie.. right?


And I got so attracted after watch the second one, unique. THIS IS UNIQUE, for sure. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! Her style is like 80s. or 90s? anyway very far from this generation, but still so sexy and beautiful.  


The third one is the chicest and charismatic!


On the otherhand, fourth one, holiday,feels like in a real free holiday. It seems that she might do such things on her holiday for herself.


And fifth one Like might shows what she likes - music. She is a diva, good at singing. Her music was always on a hot spot.

By the way, this picture is the one that Lee Hyori uploaded on her twitter. It says, 'I used to be the sweetest girl ever... Til i found out being the baddest girl was better'. It might be the preview of her new song. It feels like her new song is about being bad girl...maybe...?

Anyway, her recent album, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, was sooooo boomed at that time. That one was the most popular song at that time, and also the most popular song of hers, too. It was sensational - totally different from her own image (feels like korean Lady Gaga lol).Maybe that is why I am so excited to listen to her new song! Can't wait!! It will be released on May.

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