PSY - Gentleman: Why is so humorous?

PSY - Gentleman: Why is so humorous?

Psy of Gangnam Style released his new song recently! Gangnam Style was such a hot issue in 2012 all over the world. Every people in the world sang <Gangnam Style> with that horse-riding dance altogether on the street, on Youtube, in every single parties and clubs! What a sensation! And that sensational Psy came back with his new song. It is <Gentleman>.

You can check the Music video below: Psy's Gentleman

"Official" description of his new album <Gentleman> says only 3 sentences. so cool.
"Every YG family said when they first heard <Gentleman>.
1. Unexpected. That's why Psy.
2. Crazy. That's why Psy. "

Haha! So simple with craziness and that is soooo Psy!!!
(fyi: YG is the company that Psy is involved.)

As Psy got so popular with his own humor in his music video, Gentleman also has his own humors in it. And most of humors in ths mv are related to kpop issues.


In Gangnam Style, his horseback riding dance and elevator guys' dirty(?) dance was spotlighted. This was because those choreographies are not usual or normal. They were not even hot or powerful, but super funny and humorous. Just looking at those dancings, people can't stop laughing. His new song Gentleman also displays funny choreographies in it.

 First one is this one. He looks like.. jumping side to side. I cannot describe with words. But his dance is hilarious. One more things is the one called Saucy dance (or Sigunbang dance in korean).

 This dance was one of the hottest, the most, the MOST popular dances in kpop history. This dance was called Sigunbang chum, which means saucy, because it really seems arrogant. This choreography was firstly performed by Brown Eyed Girls, one of the popular sexiest kpop girl groups. A lot of people also followed this dance and lot of parodies were made, too. This dance was sensational as sexiest whole through the kpop history.

You can check the original one below: Brown Eyed Girls ' Abracadabra

Psy and Gain (Brown Eyed GIrls) dancing Sigunband Dance in Psy's 'Gentleman'
Brown Eyed Girls dancing Sigunbang Dance from their song 'Abracadabra'

It is reported that Psy bought the copyright of this Sigunbang dance from Brown Eyed Girls. As you can see in Psy's music video, you might find one girl dancing and having a date with him.

Her name is Gain. She is one of the member in Brown Eyed Girls. She is also known as the sexiest kpop star in korea. She also released her solo album recently.
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As you can see in her pictures and their music videos, this Sigunbang dance was such a sensational dance at that time, because it looked too sexy. However, the one thing is, Psy makes this sexy dance humorous; hilarious!

Members from Moohan Dojeon (Infinite Challenge)

If you were a fan of Gangnam Style, then you might recognize that there are same members (actors?) in Gentleman music video again. They are the member of TV program Moohan Dojeon (means Infinite chanllenge) which is one of the most popular entertaining tv programs in Korea. There are 7 members in Moohan Dojeon and almost of them are comedians.

Do you remember this guy? He was wearing the same suit (maybe different color) and same sunglasses with same wigs. His name is Yoo Jae-suk, and he is referred as the best comedian and best MC in korea.

Second most popular from Gangnam Style was this Elevator Guy, Noh Hong-Chul. He danced.. really weirdly. People were all crazy at him, too! And he was also in the Gentleman's mv. 

They were not in Gangnam Style, but they are in Gentleman. THeir names are Park Myeong-soo(red), Jung Joon-ha(blue). These members' second appearance was one of the humor aspects in his new song, too.

Flying Chair

If you are fans of some korean tv programs, you might have seen this kind of chairs before. This is called 'Flying Chair'. This was firstly used in Moohan Dojeon as a penalty for losing the games. When person sit on a chair, the pool is at back. The chair springs out and the person will 'fly' and fall into the water pool in the back. And this chair is now used in many entertainment tv shows in korea. It works like this;

It is funny how Psy thought of this flying chairs for his music video. He is really unexpectful and crazy :P

Firstly, I couldn't think of how Gangnam style's humor was so attractive to everyone in the world. I thought that kind of humors would only work to whom knows well about the korean current cultures. However, it worked for all, literally all, anyway! I am not sure if Gentleman would also be the world-popular song as Gangnam Style, but i can say that his humor is truly funny, if you understand the contemporary kpop cultures in it. So I wrote this post for your information :P Enjoy Gentleman!


  1. I have just seen this video, its music is good and the video is likeable. Psy must be an icon that he is followed by lot of viewers all over the world. It is a good funny video

    1. yes, truly sure. this video is not only likeable but also bery satiric to the world, which makes me to like it better

  2. Really it's awesome song and awesome dance style..one thing is that this song was got more likes on youtube on the first day...And after that it's more favorite songs in compare to other songs..!!!

  3. I like this Ganagam style ...Psy is good dancer and also its music was to good and in this video there was more fun in the video.