PSY's Gentlemen enters Top 10 in billboard!

PSY's Gentlemen enters Top 10 in billboard!

The most hilarious world famous kpop star Psy released his new song "Gentlemen" recently. And this song just got a new record in billboard. Now Gentlemen enters top 10 in billboard chart, on 5th rank.

Last year was the year of Gangnam Style. His song Gangnam Style music video just hit tremendous views all over the world. And that was unbelievable how that song was sung in every single people in the world. Gangnam Style was one of the most viewed videos on Youtube last year. It hit over 15billion views. And his new song Gentleman is getting a new record.

As this graph shows, (credited Psy's official facebook), it shows that Gentlemen music video is growing far much faster than Gangnam Style. And maybe it could get a new world record :)

Of course, because Psy was soooo hot issued last year, people would be so interested in his new song, too. Because he is already so famous all over the world, his new song would also get spotlighted for sure, far more than before, far faster than before.

The one thing is that Psy is a kpop star, singing in korean; his songs, both Gangnam Style and Gentlemen are sung in korean, which are the hottest list in billboard chart.

This is not so normal! PSY is truly amazing. His humor and satire in his songs are hilarious. it deserves the top tier on billboard :)

so.... let's watch it again.  we need to repeat it like every single day.

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