HyunA talked about her complexes

HyunA talked about her complexes

What kind of complexions do you have? Maybe most of people would have some kind of complexes that they do change. Well, this was not an exception for celebs, too. We see them as superstars, but they do have some, too.
Last night, HyunA from 4Minuite, kpop girl group, confessed about her complexes. HyunA talked about her high cheekbones, voice, and capacity of drinking.

(photo credit:HyunA's Twitter)

She said that she has prominent cheekbones. Because of it, she said that she always tries to set her face sidewise from the camera.
But I think she's good with her high cheekbones. It makes her seem to more westernized face. But still it is understandable because so many koreans don't like if they have high cheekbones.

Secondly, she said that she is not good at drinking. While others think that HyunA would good at drinking, but she's not at all! She said that her face turns read as soon as she gets first drink. So the other members of 4Minute make fun of her a lot, she said. Well, it would not so good if you cannot enjoy drinking... pretty boring with that :P

And thirdly, HyunA has complex with her voice! She said that her voice is like a woodpecker, so that not so elegant voice. She also said that even though many people recognize when she's out, people recognize right away with her voice.
how do you think about this? well, i think her voice is so attractive and unique! It is true that her voice is really noticeable because of her unique tones(?) that come through the ears really well. But i think that her unique voice makes her unique rapper thou. It is true that her voice is not so elegant as she wants, lol, but still, her voice is charming :) I like her voice when she does rap.

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